"How much will my tattoo cost?" and "Does it hurt?" are the most frequently asked questions about tattooing.

Price of each tattoo can be determined based on two different factors. It can be done with using the size of the tattoo (your tattoo artist will ask you how big exactly do you want your tattoo to be), or time necessary to get a tattoo done, from the beginning of the preparation until the very end of tattooing process. For every professional tattoo artist it is very difficult to determine the cost of tattoo on either of these two criteria until he defines the exact design, size and position of the tattoo. However, there are some concrete parameters you can follow to get at least some picture of how tattoos are getting priced.

  • Color: Black and grey tattoo will always cost less than the same size color tattoo. The more colors are being used, the price of a tattoo will consequently grow.
  • Position: Some body parts have more complicated skin structure and are requiring greater effort to get the color inserted (elbows, hands, etc), so tattooing those parts will cost more.
  • Design: If you want to get an original tattoo design by the artist you have chosen to do your tattoo, be ready to pay for it.
  • Size: Price is rising with the size.
  • Flexibility: Some tattoo artists will appreciate your willingness to allow them to express themselves creatively and to take advantage of your tattoo idea to create a work of art that will be used for their tattoo portfolio. If you are lucky enough to encounter such, expect a big discount.

However, there is a minimum price of tattooing which includes the cost of the basic settings for tattoo supplies (needles, paints, sanitary material ..) and that (in Belgrade studios) can range from 30 to 70€. Price of that basic setting is usually less if your tattoo artist does not work in the registered studio or is working at home (which drags along other matters such as questionable cleanliness and sterility of used materials).